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Fun Hypnotherapy facts

 Hypnotherapy has been an accepted form of medical treatment since the 1950s. Every year, more and more people seek out appointments with hypnotherapists to find a healthy way to control fears and negative behaviors. To achieve this, hypnotherapists help patients access their subconscious mind, something many of us do every day without realizing.

People seek out hypnotherapists for a variety of reasons. These include getting help overcoming fears and phobias, weight loss, negative and traumatizing memories, insomnia, and smoking. Hypnotherapy has even been found to assist laboring mothers by reducing pain during childbirth. More parents of children with ADHD are finding that hypnotherapy has a positive and drug-free effect on their children. According to Britain’s Paediatrics Child Health, “Hypnotherapy allows the child to gain a sense of control, increase self-esteem and competence, and reduce stress.”

In a study conducted by clinical psychologist Dr Alfred Barrios (B.S. Caltech, PhD. UCLA), he notes that “… for psychoanalysis we can expect a recovery rate of 38% after approximately 600 sessions. For [Behaviour] therapy, we can expect a recovery rate of 72% after an average of 22 sessions, and for hypnotherapy, we can expect a recovery rate of 93% after an average of 6 sessions.”