Hypnotherapy is used to treat a wide range of conditions, issues, unwanted & unhealthy behaviors such as:







*Anger Management

*Relationship/Family/Work Conflicts

*Sleep Disorders


*Grief & loss of a loved one

* Weight Management

*Cessation of smoking

*Symptoms of Menopause

*Pain Management


*Life Challenges/Focus


And so much more.



Your mental health contributes to your physical well-being. Seeing a talk therapist improves body energy, appetite, and sleep. It creates a positive mood and increases activeness. Good physical health increases productivity and prolongs life. Talk therapy plays a vital role in treating various emotional, as well as mental health problems.

*Treats Physical symptoms

*Psychological solution for Depression

*Changes negative thoughts to treat dialectical behaviour

*Counter Phobias

*Treat Repression of Thoughts

*Cope with daily life

*Long lasting impacts

*Enhances self-awareness

*Improves physical well being

*Relationship/Family/Work Conflicts







*Anything that bothers you & you want help to change. 

SHINES purpose is to HEAL. 

SHINE is here to make you feel your best, & to enable you to create the change you so desire, & provide you with the mental health tools that work for you. 

SHINE guides you & teaches you to hold yourself accountable & be responsible for 

your *choices, your *feelings, your *thoughts, your *reactions, & your entire *self.

SHINE will gently lead you to new ways of thinking, & focus on your specific requirements as the unique individual that you are. SHINE's focus is on happiness, on what one can change & control, & teaches you how to handle feelings that may feel out of control at times.

SHINE will always be here if you require maintenance sessions down the line, however, our focus is YOU & discovering the most effective way to have you feeling better & feeling competent, to where your happiness is top of the day, & the need for regular Therapy is a thing of the past. 

SHINE wants to ensure you stay well and stay thinking well.  

Book a free consultation to see if it's your time to SHINE. 

~ All Therapy is always 100% Confidential ~

Is it your time to shine?

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